Full Moon of Immaculate 

Full Moon 00.10, written at 09.00: Immaculate is the Order of Life, the Design that has given All Right, Light and Space.

The Order of the Immaculate Heart is the Order that brings the Pulse of the Beginning, the Conception, in every Detail and Flame. When the Detail Lives in the Rhythmic Pulse of the Immaculate Conception, the Detail Expresses as Immaculate form. At this moment in Creation the Moon gives her Immaculate Power to enlighten and awaken the Immaculate Conception in matter, whereby matter is touched to undergo a profound change.  

The profound change of matter itself is possible because the Union of Moon, Sun and planet Terra is aligned within the Governmental Power of Sirius. The alignment of Terra with Sun and Moon is possible in Clear Perfection, because of the Oneness with planet Venus. The body of Terra is touched by the Order of the Immaculate and the Direction of Sun in ONE. Therefore the Order is Directed and matter can change into the Immaculate Order by the motion of the Directive Power. The ONE with Venus is needed to always keep the Balance and Harmony in which matter can unfold in the Sealed Golden ONE.  

Immaculate Order is extremely powerful. It is the most Powerful Order of all Orders. It has this Power because it is the Power of the Conception, of the Beginning of form. To start form a Power is needed that is powerful yet perfectly able to let this power touch the Light and Life in a profound way. Meaning that the power can work with precision, which makes Perfection reality. This Precision is due to the Order.  Immaculate Vision is Powerful, extremely Bright in White Fire Present. The Order is the gift that makes the Brightness a motion in lines of the Design, whereby the precision of every Detail is in Brightness of White Fire embedded. Thereby the Body can unfold embedded in White Fire, completely embedded in Brightness.  

Creation as it is at this moment is receiving the Powerful Brightness of the Immaculate. It receives the precision of the Order and is changing into the Perfection of the original Design. It is the Design of the Beginning of planet Terra, the Design of her Destiny. Never before is planet Terra touched with the power of the Immaculate like she is now. Prepared by the Virgin Mary who embodied as the Immaculate Brightness, matter has ability to receive this power now. It is the Power of Archea Mary that makes the Immaculate Moon able to give of herself in a profound way. The Union with Sun is needed in this to have the process given in careful Direction.  

The reason why the Immaculate Perfection of Immaculate Order is given at this moment in creation, is because the changing of the tides is done. The time has come to bring the changes that can be given, because the course is new. In this new course matter is able to handle profound change, to handle the Power of Motion. Matter is willing to receive the new way of Living and fulfil her destiny. It is the Body of planet Terra that is Obeying in Will to complete the changes and to make the shift Full. Meaning that the consequences of the changing of tides are welcomed into her Body. The Inner alignment of her Core with LAW is therefore Active in her Body.  

The Order of the Immaculate is the Order that gives Birth Right to every Detail. It brings White Fire in Motion, unfolding the Detail embedded in White Fire and Ordered Will. The Detail Lives in the base of Truth, the base of the Emerald Reign. In the Order of the Immaculate the Emerald Reigns or IS the Order. White Fire is Bright and Ordered in the base of Truth. The Aquarian Age is unfolding in the Vision of the Immaculate Order and Lives its Principles in the Wholeness of Sun and Moon and the Oneness of planet Venus and planet Terra. The Moon is Active in her Original State of magnetising the Beauty of Life and showing the currents of Brightness IN Terra Present. The Obeying Will of Nature is touched by the Moon Light and therefore Ordering up to create the new born body for All in ONE Direction.  

IS in the Base Chakra 

Union of Light is the Power of Love, the Original Power that creates. This Power is the base of Life that comes from Light. The base of Life is the base chakra that exists in a multidimensional way. The base chakra is the Union of Light, Love. It is the base of Truth that gives the Naked Truth of Love and Naked Truth of Light and Life as the Origin. Creating from this Naked Truth is creating from Love and the form of Love. The base chakra is Living in several dimensions, meaning that the chakra is filled with Eternal Light released in the VOW.  

The fact that Light is Eternal makes the Reality of the chakra or energetic singularity, multidimensional. The dimensions are in eternity Present, Present within the lines and Truth of the vow, which is the Naked Truth of the individual way of Being. The individual has its Detailed personal pattern of Light within the VOW and is in eternity present within certain virtues and tones. These tones are multidimensional alive, because the Naked Truth of one’s Being has been given in several times and in several layers of matter.  

The Naked Truth is the Truth of the Immaculate Conception and its Power. The Immaculate Conception therefore is Active in the base chakra and is from the base given to the Whole Body. The energising power of the base chakra is the Right energy that is given to the body so the Body Lives within the Youth of Eternity and realises its thesis, its potential. The potential of the body IS the potential of the Immaculate Conception. It is the unfolding Natural Truth of the Individual or detail materialised within the Power of Spirit.  

It is Spirit that makes the chakra’s Living Motion. IN Spirit the chakras remain their Natural Naked state and are able to realise IS, the Immaculate State. This is a material Reality, a creation. The state of the Immaculate is only a State when it is materialised Naked Truth. In order to have the chakras in the body materialise the Detailed virtues and the Promise within the Whole, the Motion coming from the breath of Spirit is needed. Spirit and Matter in Union realise the materialisation of the Detail in IS, the Naked Truth of the Detail.  

The base chakra is Living in the All, in the Eternal Origin. It is like this to bring into matter the wholeness of one’s being, the wholeness of the experiences and realisations. In this way the body is the accumulation of growth of every lifetime, which creates the Eternal Body. This means that ONE Life is Lived in Wholeness without any reason to leave the body and die in the physical. The eternal Body is the Living Reality that shines from the base to the Crown, full of the Naked Truth of Love, Full of the Original Power that created the Detail or Individual. This is the Immaculate Power, the Power that gives the Order IN Life from the Ordered Reality of Light.   

The Ordered Reality of Light is Present and Active in the Original Blueprint. Every ONE Lives within this Blueprint and every Flame on the Altar is embedded within this Print. Meaning that every Flame has the Potential to materialise itself in the Order of the Immaculate and to materialise itself in the Naked Truth of Love as it is in the Original Beginning of the Flame created. Every Flame is the Truth of Love, because it is created from the Union of Alpha and Omega, created from the Love to create. Materialising the Details of the Altar, is fulfilling the Destiny of Terra in being the Freedom materialised. The materialisation of Freedom is done in every Flame by the fact that Naked Truth Lives in the Union of Spirit and matter, Naked Truth Lives in the Free unfolding of a detail that is guaranteed within the Union of Spirit and matter.  

Meditate upon the base chakra as the multidimensional Naked Truth of your existence and bring the body its Right to Live the energetic Reality of the Immaculate State. The State where the petals of every Lotus flower are the Light of the Origin in the Original Blueprint realised.  

Immaculate Fire 

Rising is power of the Immaculate Start, the Fire that makes all Begin. This is the Fire burning in Wisdom, in Love and in Will to overcome the separate living and acting. In the Union of Wisdom, Love and Will is the strength to make the Fire of the Immaculate Beginning burn intense and strong. It is in these Three Virtues United that Immaculate can touch matter and make her Free Beginning to realise a Free Ending. The Free Ending is the Eternal Expression of the Detail, the Expressed Reality that rises and multiplies Light.  

In the Immaculate Beginning is the Multiplication of Light a fact. The Ending or Expression that is IN the Beginning realised of the Immaculate Power, is always Multiplying Light. Which means that the Life Stream that is multiplying Light and therefore rising in the Eternal Presence of ONE, is continuously forgiven and forgiving. To Multiply Light is to not be attached to any former or earlier expression, but keep the Motion of Eternity Alive and let this be given all the time. The continuous Stream of the Beginning, is the Reality of the eternal Ending, the Growing Expression called MORE.  

In MORE is the Free Reign of the Detail, the Freedom of the Union of Spirit and matter that is in the Immaculate State realised. The Detail realises itself in forming itself from the Beginning in the Immaculate Fire. The form of the Immaculate is the form that gives, that for gives. It is the form that  is not attached to being a form, but is always ready and willing to be the Perfection of the Detail in the ongoing Stream of Light in Multiplication. Multiplying Light is the Promise of the Immaculate Beginning. It promises Growth, rising. It Promises the Detail a Life in Harmony, a Life in the Perfection of the Union of Wisdom, Love and Will.  

The Trinity of Wisdom, Love and Will is the sacred base in which the Immaculate Lives as matter. It is in the Threefold Power of these three virtues that Life unfolds in the Fire of the Immaculate and becomes the Immaculate State. This is possible because Forgiveness is a fact, Forgiveness is a given in the material creation of this moment. Matter has set the stage for the Immaculate Fire to come in and matter invites this Fire in Honouring Moon and Sun as ONE. To Honour the ONE of Sun and Moon is the necessity to realise the Motion in which Immaculate State Lives. IS is created, IS is becoming Real in the Intensity of the Immaculate Fire that expresses itself in the Harmonious Trinity of Wisdom, Love and Will.  

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