Expect of the Moon to be NEW in Full Glory, to Celebrate the Past in the Gift of Today. Love is the Tone that comes forth in every Detail and that shows GOD its face in the Beautiful roar of the Lion.

NEW Moon is the Pure Sound of HOPE, the Purity given in the Creation of Ascension. Life that expands and that comes with the tides, is Life that makes MORE in every keynote. The Details arise in the Thunder and Wind, the Details arise in the waves of Sea. Everywhere is the Sound to announce NEW Life and to make HOPE Shine as a Real and Sealed form. Forming the Truth of Creation and forming the Light of ONE Way, is forming the Righteousness of Pure Gift.
Gift is Pure in the Acceleration of Matter, in the Reality that makes Life Truthful and Right. Right is Path of Creation and Right is Path of Creativity. The Flow of Being Creative Human is the Flow in which NEW Light is announced, the Flow in which Love is formed. This is the Truth of HOPE, the Truth of ONE Way in Realisation. Pure Sounds the Tone of Aquarian Reign to bring forth the Light of Creation through the Creative Flow of RACE. RACE is touched by the Reflection of Love and by the Announcement of NEW Life that HOPE IS.
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