Europe Lives in the Flame of Freedom, meaning that because of the Flame of Freedom the Union of Europe is possible. 

The fact that Saint Germain has walked Europe in the Union of Spirit and Matter realises the Union of Europe in a profound way. Uniting Europe and Honouring the Destiny of Terra in this, is materialising the Truth of Matter and Spirit and Living the Aquarian Principles. ONE United Europe realises the Communion of Holy Spirit on a larger scale than being a communion in a country.  

The Communion of Holy Spirit has its office in The Netherlands, while the Beginning of the Spirit is not originating there. The Community of The Netherlands Lives in the Violet Flame of Djwal Kul and therefore has everything to do with Freedom. The Truth is that this office is not meant to be Alive and Active in one country, but is a gift to be realised in Multiplication. The Reality in Multiplication is that the past is forgiven and Union and Communion in Europe is created as fact. The Communion of Holy Spirit can be the Living Truth of Europe, which will create the bridge to Unite East and West.  

The Freedom Flame of Saint Germain is in Europe manifest in matter, while the Flame of Freedom is manifest in Spirit in the United State of America where he travelled as Columbus. When the Unity of Europe is realised, the Union with the Spiritual Freedom Flame in the United State of America will create the Multiplied Reality of Spirit and Matter Union on the Globe. This enables the Light of Aquarius to come in and Reign even more. The gift of the Freedom Flame in Matter and in Spirit is given to make the Reign of Aquarius possible, meaning that Saint Germain has prepared The Way for the Aquarian Reign. It was all part of his Dream and his Promise.  

The reason Saint Germain was able to Live in the Violet Power and be embodied in the Union with Spirit for so many years, is because he knew of the base of Truth and the Alchemical Power of Love. He knew the Nakedness of Truth in the base of Life and Light and realised the Love of it. Which means he realised the Love in the fact of being embodied, he realised the Love in the fact of having a VOW. He realised the Reality of Naked Truth and used his Power, his Creative Power. Simply said, he applied the Laws of Alchemy. In the Laws of Alchemy Spirit - Matter Union is a Reality and a Truth. The Alchemical Power of Love cannot BE when the Naked Truth is not realised. Realised in the aware and conscious state.  

The Living Presence of the Freedom Flame in the embodiment of Saint Germain and the Spiritual Presence of the Freedom Flame in the embodiment of Columbus are coming into Unity in the realised Union of Europe. The Unity of Europe as Communion is an important key to the realisation of the Freedom of Aquarius, the Reign of Aquarius. In the Immaculate Power of the Moon the realised Naked Truth in Saint Germain is activated. All the gifts in matter in the Immaculate Reality of one’s Being, are activated. Which means that all Virtues and Actions given to prepare The Way for the Aquarian Principles to Live, are activated. It means the Moon Honours the Actions of the past, while bringing her Light in the Present Day and Night. This is how the Truth of the Immaculate works, how Truth IS Active in Life.  

Saint Germain and Columbus Acted in their days and nights, while Honouring the Future of Life. This is the Truth of ONE Life and Light. In the Immaculate Moon the past, present and future are realised in ONE Single Brightness of Life. The Bright Union of Sun and Moon is the Living gift to the Union of Spirit and Matter. It is the gift to the Realised Aquarian Truth of Community, the Truth of Holy Spirit. The prophecy is that Europe will Unite and will make way for the Spiritual Freedom in the United State of America. As ONE the Light will prevail and Terra will Live her Destiny in the Crystal Clarity of Violet Action.  

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