Creating Heaven on Earth

Religions have created the pitfall of wanting to be in heaven after your life on earth. This creation is one of the many malformations created by religion.  

You are embodied on planet Terra because you serve White Fire, you serve Life and Light. You have chosen to embody on this planet to create White Fire, meaning that you have the opportunity to materialise White Fire. Materialising White Fire is materialising the essence of what is called God in religion. Materialising the essence of God, is materialising everything that is with God, in God and from God. It is how you create Heaven.  

In the Original Religion that Honours White Fire, the Teaching to multiply White Fire is given. It tells and shows that the Essence of God, White Fire, can be multiplied. AND it tells that the ONE True Act in being embodied is to do so. You are embodied on planet Terra to Multiply White Fire, with the Detail you are originating from this Fire. In the fact that White Fire has details, it can be multiplied. You are born to Multiply, you have VOWed to Multiply and you are given the Tools to Multiply. One of these Tools is your Flame, one of these Tools is your Detail, one of these Tools is your Body.  

You are born with a body to Multiply White Fire. You are born to create Heaven here and now. When you are taught that you live on earth in order to come close to God after your physical Life, you are mistreated. You are told a lie. You live to meet God. You Live to make God MORE, because you are with God, in God and from God. You are a Detail of the Essence of God, you are a detail of White Fire. Which means you can make God MORE, because you can Multiply White Fire with the Tools given to you. You can Honour God by being embodied and make your Flame rise in the Multiplication created by your Actions. Making your Flame rise, is creating Heaven and realising God and his Essence on planet Terra. You realise God as EARTH.  

In religion these Words have been seen as blasphemy. Making your Self rise would be seen as vanity. But the Truth of matter is that matter is here to serve God in the fact that it has the ability to Multiply God, to Multiply the Essence of God. Matter has the ability to Multiply White Fire under the Direction of you as Detailed Flame. Your body is matter, your body is given as a Tool. Because in Oneness with your Body you Honour God in making him MORE, in making God rise while you rise as a Flame. It has nothing to do with vanity, it has all to do with the Naked Truth of Life.  

The Naked Truth of Life is that is Multiplies its Origin. When you know that you are here to create Heaven and when you know the Talents given to realise this, you will realise the Naked Truth of Life. You will realise Multiplication and become the Multiplication yourself. When you are the Multiplication yourself, you are the Original Religion. Because a Religion is Living, is Life. When the Original Religion is Lived, creation is Perfect, Harmonious and True in its Nakedness.  

Malformations only exist because the body is not recognised as the Sacred Tool to Multiply White Fire, the Origin. You are given a body as the Grace of God, it is a gift of Love. You can learn, grow and rise in it, with it. Because it is the Grace of God that gives you Opportunity to Multiply Light of the Origin and Honour Life as a Whole. The Whole of Life is both heaven and earth, it is the Union of Spirit and Matter. You are born in Spirit and in Matter to Honour their Union and realise the Power of this Union, which is the Power to realise God in MORE than the Origin knows of itself.  

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