Inviting the Creation of Pure Tone and Pure Spin, means to invite the Pure Creative Power in Oneself. Human Being is able to create Right and Ordered, Righteous. Human Being is able to realise the Promise of Perfection and the Gift of Realised Right.

This is to Activate the NEW Way of Living and the NEW Way of Living. It is the Aquarian Way, the Way of Ascending Spiral in Body and Mind. Union of Body and Mind is Union of ONE Creative Way. ONE Way in which Pure Creation and Pure Creativity can be United. Uniting Creative Power with the Right of Creation to be Pure, makes Life MORE and makes Life Whole.
Creative Ability Flourishes in the Reflection of Moon. This Flourishing is Active because of the Pure Light in her Reflection and because of the announcement of Tone in All Cells. All Cells give Birth to the Aquarian Ray and form. This Birth is the Celebration of Easter and the Purity of the Announcement. A Pure announcement is given to make Birth Reality and to realise and materialise the Perfection of Detail. Pure Wish IN Detail is the Wish that forms and the Wish that is Announced. Giving Birth to Wish is IN Spiral of Ascension Active and IN Spine of Human CORE. Human RACE is Creator to materialise Aquarius. Thus, to materialise the Birth of Wholeness, which is the Expressed Pure Wish.
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