Welcome the Moon to receive the Reflection that gives abundance. In the Power of Truth and healing is the gift of abundancy, a gift that comes naturally with living Truthful and Whole.

Whole Life is based upon living passionate. It means to live in the passion of your Detail. This passion is Truthful and always gives the Reality of the Ascension, of the upward spiral. And thus of the abundant Life. To Welcome the Moon of the fifth Ray is to welcome the Emerald green Right in LIFE.
This Right is spread in the Tone of Mary and Raphael, the Tone that needs to sound in the base of Human RACE. This base is the physical base of the every Human body. Creating from Emerald Design is creating from the Emerald physical base of Human Body, whereby Human Being is able to create passionate and to form the Right of ONE Passion. To honour the Passion that is within, is to Honour the Order of Sun and Moon and the Ordered White Fire that Lives as Flame in Human RACE.
Reflection of the NEW Moon is the gift of ONE Way in Truth for All of Humanity. A gift that forms abundant Life, Truthful Life. The Reflection of this Moon shows the Truth of Life in Human her Natural Right to create and her Natural Right to Honour Sun and Moon. Honouring is an INNER ability, and INNER Truth that may be awakened in the Tone of Emerald green and in the Vision of Truth and Healing. Welcome Truthful Passion of INNER that starts in the base of Emerald Order, the base that may rise in Human Body.
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