Written from 23.05 till 23.14
We stand in the Sun to realise the Reflection of Moon that brings Healing and the Power of Truth.

In Truth is the Expression of Nature, the Expression which is Ordered and Pure. Truth realises the Reality of Reflection and of Direction, which is why this Moon is extra Full in her Reflection. Truthful Moon shows the Truth of Direction and Reflection, which Multiplies the Light of Moon itself and gives her Right to BE Active as Moon. Right to Reflect is emphasised in Truth, which means the Right to Direct is immediately given to Sun and thus to the CORE of RACE. CORE of RACE is the Truth of RACE, Truth of Being Human. You are a Human Being when you direct or reflect, which means to be Creative.
Truth of Creative Power is seen in the Power of Truth, which is in the base of every Human Being because Emerald green is Active in base as the Design in which RACE is Alive. Emerald Design is a base to RACE, a base of Ordered Reality and Promise. Reflecting the Truth of the Sun in which we stand, is Reflecting the Truth of Sun itself and what she gives. It is to Reflect our Quality as Truth, Healing and Immaculate Vision because we are in Sun. Meaning simply that Full Moon brings reflection of Truth while she shows the Truth of Sun. All Rays are United in Sun, United in the Immaculate Vision for which we stand. The Order of Sun and Moon as ONE can be an Order, because of the Truth that we are in Sun, the Wholeness that we give in Sun. ONE Order Lives because Wholeness is a fact in Truth of Origin and of Life.
Welcome All Details IN Truthful Order, Welcome All Details in Sun and Moon. It is to Welcome the Truth of Direction in which Details Live and to Welcome the Truth of Reflection in which Details Express as form. Nature is the Perfection of Truth, the Promise of Truth and Healing as ONE Flame in Ordered Action. Full is the Moon, Witnessed by the Sun. Full is the Moon, Truth of Terra her Bliss.
Copyright: Ascending All


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