In this Hour and in this Moment of the Orbit of Terra around the Sun, we receive the Brilliant Reality of Sun and Moon in ONE. We receive the Perfection of Reflection as it is given to us by the Direction of Aquarius. We are Realising the Order of the Sun and Moon, the simple fact that Life is Natural that Life is Equal and that Life Resonates within the Tone of Aquarius.

The Truth of Being Human is being Creative, being Present upon Terra to Honour the Orbit around Sun of the planet herself and of your very Detailed Wish. 
Being Human is Living in the Orbit around Sun, being centred and focused upon the Direction given in the Aquarian Tone, in the Aquarian Resonance and in the Aquarian Promise and Truth.
Realising the Fact that the Sun Directs and that the Moon Reflects is Realising the Fact that in your being the Alpha and Omega have been United because it is in this Union that you were born as Human Being. The Equality of planet Terra and planet Venus are the Symbolic Reality of the Alpha and Omega United in Humanity. In this very Union in which Human Being is born, it is their Union in which Human Being is Creative upon Terra.
The Destiny of Terra is Present within the Equality of Terra and Venus. The Destiny of Terra is Present within the Creative Ability and Hand of Human RACE.
Welcome the Light of Aquarius and Live and Breathe in the Tone of Aquarius. Welcome the New Direction that is given to Enlighten ALL, to uplift. And in the Force or the Power of the Uplifting Reality of the Directive Light and in the Powerful Beauty of the Reflective Light, you are as Human RACE Celebrated. In this ‘Cell Embracing’ you All come forth in the Wish of your Detail, the Wish of your very Nature.
So Nature responds to the call of your Wish, to the call that is made in Order. Whatever you Wish Will be done because you are Creator itself. Your Wish calls upon the Elements and Elementals. Your Wish in Order is the One that brings the Reality of Form as Life. It is the Reality of Alpha and Omega United, the Union of planet Terra and planet Venus.
In the Orbit around Sun they are centred upon one point, they are Obedient to one and the same Goal. They Honour the Life Joy of the Light in the Sun and therefore they are always United as ONE.
Welcome the Sun and Welcome the Moon. Welcome the Order of Aquarius in the Truth of Nature. Welcome the very fact that Human RACE Lives as a New Born RACE, as a RACE that is given in the Name of Sanat Kumara.
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