In the Resonance of Violet is a New Day and a New Beginning. It is the Beginning of the Resurrection of this planet; it is the Beginning of a New Orbit around the Sun.

In the Violet Resonance and in the Truth of the Freedom of the Alchemy and of the Transmutation that is given, in the Power of the Violet, the Orbit of planet Terra is releasing the ties of the past, thereby the Orbit around the Sun is changing. And within the Orbit, planet Terra will reveal her Beauty, will reveal her Order and will reveal her Destiny. It is the Destiny to be the Golden Reality within this Solar System, the Destiny to be the Reality of the Aquarian Direction as is Present within the Sun.
The Rays of the Sun direct Earth; direct All the planets in this Solar System to be Equal in the Aquarian Reality of the Future.
When the past is released within the Orbit of Terra, she is Free to follow her Order and to follow her Destiny within the Truth of her Being.
The Resonance of Violet within the Axis of Terra give way in the Orbit of Sun and give way to Human RACE, to realise the Equilibrium within themselves.
Truth of Life and Truth of Creativity has given within the Base of Humanity, will open up and will be revealed because the Resonance of Violet is the New Day and is a New Beginning. So Begin to realise that Equilibrium is in your Spine that Equilibrium is in the Axis of Terra. Begin to realise and to create that the Alchemical Power is first in the Mother, first in Matter. The Alchemical Power is in the Resonance of planet Terra. Therefore Unite with the planet, come forth as Human Being and Realise that your Nature is to Be Creative from the Core of your planet, from the Core of the Mother.
Copyright: Ascending ALL

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