The Plan of GOD and of its Will is Active in the Direction of Sun and Reflection of Moon. The Order given in Sun and Moon is the Order to form the Plan of the Origin, the Plan that can only be realised in applying the Truth of White Fire Order.

This Truth is the Truth of Origin and the Truth of Natural Ability in Human RACE. RACE Lives to fulfil the Right to create and to BE GOD in Human form. Activating the Right to Create Ordered and Well, is activating the Reflection of Moon when she is Full. Inviting the Light of Moon to be the Reflection of Sun is done in the Willingness of Human RACE to Live according to the Plan of GOD's Will. GOD's Will is the Free Will in Human Being, the Free Reign of Aquarian Tone and the inspiration given in the Heartbeat of Aquarius. Constellation of Aquarius is Aligned with the Direction of Governmental Powers, the Direction that gives Commands.
Commanding the Age of Aquarius to be the Perfect Age in Golden Right or to be The Way that makes All Live in Order, is Commanding the Sun and Moon to bring the Qualities needed to fulfil this Command. Human RACE is the ONE RACE that Obeys to the Command of Governmental Power in GOD. GOD's Will is Alive in the Wish of every Human Being and in the Wish of Nature to be MORE and to be Bright. Brightness of Nature is the Brightness of the Plan of GOD, the Plan that makes the Origin rise, Live and Breathe. Breathing Origin is the Breath given to RACE to be integrated and to be formed as the Spiritualised Creation. Aquarius is the Age to form Creation in the Hand of GOD, the Hand of Human as GOD. Aquarius is the Age to Welcome the Sun and Moon in their given Right to Direct and Reflect. Aquarius is the Age to Awaken as Human RACE and to be Aware of the Opportunities given in Order, given in the Original Plan of ONE Tone.
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