Written at 10.38. Moon is NEW 12.38
In the NEW Moon of Equilibrium the Rising Sun will give the Pulse and impulse in Direction to Celebrate Life in the Equal Truth of Details.

Life is Celebrated when Details are Active in the forming of Tone and Way, in the forming of Wish in the Everlasting Gospel of John. This Gospel shows way of Life in Celebration, in the Truthful interaction of Wishes in RACE. RACE Lives to Honour GOD and Wish, to Honour the Order that makes Wish Reality. Manifesting the Wishful interaction of Human Beings, is possible in equality and in the Spreading of Will in Wish. GOD's Will is in Wish. God's Will is in the Equator of Terra. Living from the Wishful Right to create (to Direct and form) is Living form the Wish to form Beautiful Life. Life is MORE in the Active Design of Emerald and Life is Detailed in this Design.
The Sun rises every morning in Equality with Moon. Moon Reflects in Equality with Sun. Life IS Equilibrium because of this. In Equilibrium Spirit is Equal to Matter and vice versa. To Live in the material circumstances of Life is to become aware of Spirit. Celebrating the fact that Life IS, because Creation is Present, is inviting the Inspiration of Spirit. The Moon of Transparency and Integration has shown the Inspiration of Spirit. In this Inspired Living, Equilibrium will Awaken. Tone of Aquarius Awakens All, Tone of Aquarius makes All Sign in the Principles of HOPE.
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