NEW Moon of Comfort started 00.45. Writing at 11.00.

Realising Hope of the Aquarian Age is realising the Union of Matter and Spirit as the Living Altar of Life. Every Flame has Equal Right to be materialised, which is the Equal Right to Live the Original Wish to Love. Within the Immaculate Order fully given to planet Terra and all Flames upon the Altar is the opportunity to find the Comforter and Realise its Life.  

Creating the Flames on the Altar is creating the Body of Spirit, the Body of the Comforter. It is the Comfortable Body that is created in the materialisation of Flames. The Wholeness of All Flames in the Immaculate Order is the opportunity to come to the Fire of Comfort and meet the Spirit IN you. Spirit IN you is first of all the Flame and secondly it is the Breath that moves your Flame while being IN your Flame. Meeting Breath is meeting the Motion of Life as the Eternal Motion of White Fire.  

Within this Motion is the Inspiration to create the Flame, to realise the steps Right in VOW. In Inspiration is the opportunity to Obey and materialise Spirit. The Immaculate Order IN Matter is fulfilled in the gift of the Moon and Sun as ONE, being the Motion of Eternity in their Oneness. Because the Immaculate Order Lives in the ONE of Sun and Moon, planet Terra Lives in this Order. In this manifestation of Truth planet Terra is ready to receive the baptism with Fire. This is the baptism with the Spirit, with the Inner Fire of All Life.  

The Moon of Comfort brings the baptism of Fire, it gives the opportunity to realise in flesh the Inner Fire as the outer blessing or Bliss. This Bliss is the material reality of Comfort, which is given by Fire, by Spirit. Being Alive in the Inner is the True Comfort. Having the Inner Life as the Motion of the outer is the materialisation of Comfort. To create the Comforter means therefore that the Motion of White Fire needs to be materialised upon Terra. It is the Motion of Sun and Moon as ONE, realised as matter with the awareness over the fact that the Immaculate State of every Flame Lives in the Motion of Fire.  

The Living Truth of the Immaculate is in Comfort manifest. In the Body of Comfort is the Immaculate Order of the Flame Expressed. The Wholeness of the Flame in this Order is materialised and this realises Comfort. The Fire as a created reality, is the Creation of Comfort. To be baptised with Fire is asking for inspiration in realising that a creation of Gold comes to pass with the Guidance of the Origin IN you. The Moon of Comfort will bring the Blessing of the Sun Ray, giving the Flame the touch to be comfortable and to be IN Comfort Present. This means the Motion of Sun and Moon as ONE can be materialised as the Motion of the Inner Flame. In this Motion, Comfort is Always Alive.  

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