Full Moon is coming as a clear bride welcomed by her groom. The Sun shines his Light to Accelerate her Beauty and to make her MORE in the Direction of True Equilibrium. The Love of Sun is given to Moon in his Brightness. She Reflects his Love in showing the Colours of his Light, showing the manifestation of Light its Wish. Wishful Light is in Sun Rays. All Rays ARE Reflected by Moon, as are all Wishes. In Equality they are seen by the Moon. When the Wishes are Reflected, they are Free in Equality. Free in the Tone of Aquarius that can only Sound because of Reflection, because of Creation.
Welcome the Moon as a Bride wishes to be Welcomed. Welcome the Pure Tone of Aquarius that sounds in the Fullness of Reflection. Reflecting the Right Way of ONE Tone is Reflecting the Principles of Aquarius so Wishes come to pass in this Age and its Promise.
Live Life to the Fullest. To the Fullest of her Reflection and to the Deepest of her Direction.
Copyright: Ascending All


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