23.10. Written at 23.00
The Moon is Full to realise the Reflection in which the Truth of Humankind is born. Human Being is born in the Wish of its CORE, which means Being Human starts from the CORE and the Order of the Inner.

Reflection of Rebirth and Transcendence touches the Earth and Cells and Atoms to Forgive Past and to make Future Real. Future is the Ordered Way in Transcendence and the Order of The LAW in this Age. Future is reality as the CORE of Human Being, born as a Wishful Detail. Wish is given in Cells, Active in the CORE of every Cell. Wish Nurtures the Cell and is Nurtured by the CORE of Terra. Simply because it is her Wish to be Mother Earth, thus to Nurture Human Being. It means she Nurtures ONE Wish to Live and to be Human.
Human RACE is Reborn in the Full Moon of Tonight, Reborn in its CORE. CORE of RACE is Order and able to BE GOD. BEING GOD is Being Human Wish. Being born on Earth is not done in a Wish to be born, but done in the Will of GOD. When the Will of GOD to be Human is Acted out, the Wish of Human Being can be born. This moment of Birth is in Reflection of Moon, is in the Fullness and Freedom of Venus.
Terra and Venus are ONE, therefore the Pearl is born on Terra. Every Cell with an Active CORE is the Wish of Human Being and RACE that is physically born or present. This is the Presence of the Pearl. It is the Presence of Venus in Terra, to realise Mother Earth from ONE. Mother Earth is Mother Earth in Oneness with Venus. Human RACE is an Active CORE, a Living Wish, in Oneness with Terra and thus with Venus.
Welcome Birth of Wish, Birth of CORE. Welcome the Cells and Atoms capable to Transcend continuously, to Live the Right of Reflection and Direction in ONE Truth.

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