Fire is Active in Emerald Design to Enlighten the raise of the NEW. Emerald Design is Free in the Truth of Ascension and Active in Human base.

From base the Spine is Aligned with the Crown, to manifest the Truthful current of Eternity, the Purposeful Motion of an upward Spiral in Creativity. Creating The Way of Aquarius is creating the Path of Human RACE, the Path of Being Human. Being Human is Being Aligned with the Activity of Emerald, the Activity of HOPE. HOPE is the Eternal Right of Motion, the Right that Life is always forward and upward. In HOPE is the announcement of Truthful Life and the Radiance of Future.

Fire Lives in the Design and Order of Emerald to encourage All Flames in Design and in Human base to manifest their Glory. It is to manifest their Powerful GOD Being, their Powerful Activity of Life. Living Truth is Living Way of ONE Design, of ONE Active Right to create. Creating Way and Creating Detailed is the Truth of Creative Human Being. Being Human is Being Alive in the Right to create and in the Right to manifest form in the Eternal Motion of Life. Terra is given to be HOME for All, to be the HOPEful form in which Future is always given. Generous Terra gives Life, gives Future. Generous Terra gives All Details Nurturance to Live in Free Mother, in the Light that is active for All.

Welcome the NEW coming Reflection of Moon, the Reflection to Awaken the Freedom of Creative Truth in Human Being. Creating in the Truth of Transcendence, requires the Freedom of Creativity and Creative Freedom. Welcome the Moon in the Beauty of Violet and in the Promise of ONE Active Emerald Design.
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