All Live Aligned in the Promise of HOPE and make Future real in the Creative Act of GOD. GOD is Being Human in the Equal Truth of Light and in the Equal Truth of Details.

GOD is Alive in the Will of Human Being that chooses to follow the Order of White Fire within and the LAW that comes with it. IN LAW is The Way to be Creative and IN LAW is the Freedom to manifest this Creativity as Natural Ability. Creative Freedom is Being Creative as Human Being in the Order and LAW that provides the Lines to Live. Living Future is created in the Hands of RACE and can be created in the Truth of Creativity. Detailed Creativity is possible in the Lines of LAW and in Alignment with the Age of Today, with the Promise of HOPE.

The Moon of this moment Reflects the Detailed Truth of Creativity, the Freedom of Creativity. She shows the Free Way of Living as Human Being, which is the Detailed Way. Being Creative in Freedom is Being Creative in Order and to create Order. The Natural Ability of Human Being is to be Creative in the Wishful Truth of manifesting a Detailed and Ordered form. This form is in potential Eternal. By the Sealed Truth of the Creative Freedom, the form IS Eternal in its Expression and will therefore Honour the Principles of Aquarius.

Human RACE is invited by the Reflection of the Moon of Creative Freedom to Honour the Principles of Aquarius and to realise The Way of Creativity as given in GOD's Generosity.
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