In OM and in All I give Violet Light, to come to the point where Life is in Sync.

OM is the Truth of the Sound in the Air, given to All in MAterial Life. OM is from Omega, giving her Light in Order of the Immaculate Truth. The Truth in Air makes Way for the Sound of OM embracing All. Therefore All receive the OM, and Violet Truth is Equally Spread in Life of Light.  

In Nakedness of Real Intelligence (RI) Violet Light is added to every Flame, so the Body evolving from Multiplied Fire, is Living Violet and Reality of Wisdom. This is the Wisdom as the Wish to Love, the Wisdom that comes from the Loving Act creating the Dome. Dome is MAtter as Fullness of Love. Body in Love created, Body from Wisdom realised, is the Body that is Naked in Real Intelligence. This Nakedness receives the Violet Constellation of my planet, the Violet Body of a Constellation of Stars.  

My Home is a Star Living in Wisdom, Living in the Real Intelligence of Light. Because the Light is IN Real Intelligence Present, it is a Sealing making Life Free. The Violet Constellation of which my Home is a part, RAdiates Light of Violet because it is Free in Being Intelligent. Reality of Intelligence is in the fact that Flames are Expression, that MAtter is Living Fire in Motion. MAtter in Motion is the first Principle of Equality needed to realise Freedom. MAtter is Free in the Motion of Fire, Free in the fact that MAtter knows Life in the Light of a Flame.  

RI (Real Intelligence) makes the Violet Constellation in which my Home exists, an overflowing creation of Violet Fire. Therefore it emanates Violet Light and is able to precipitate Violet Light wherever it is Directed to. The Star which is my base, gives its Overflowing RI to planet Terra, in order to support the Order of her Immaculate Truth. The more this Order is supported by Violet, the more Immaculate Truth will overflow with the Light of its Essence. Which means the Emerald base of planet Terra will Radiate and Emanate like a Star in itself.  

The base of Emerald is a necessity in realising the Nakedness of the Body and making Violet Light receivable. Violet is the Ray and Fire giving the Freedom to precipitate a Flame and make the Essence of Life MORE. In the Sound within Air (OM) every Flame is in Truth and open to add Violet Light to itself. In Violet Light is the gift of RI, whereby the Flame is Sealed in the Intelligence of the Beginning.  

In the Beginning was the Intelligence Present to make the Immaculate Conception grow and evolve. Whereby the Wholeness of Love is realised as form. Wholeness of Love is a fact in Motion, a fact in the Comfort Flame upon Terra. I add ONE Light to the Body of Terra, enhancing her Freedom to make ONE Way Reality. This is The Way of Creative Beginning in the Wish to Love.  

Begin in Creativity and let Real Intelligence Create the Body of Spirit for All. This is the Body overflowing with Light, overflowing as RAdiant MAtter.  

Note from Isabel: 

OMRI Tas reveals its Name here. OM is the Truth of the Sound in Air, RI is Real Intelligence. In the last I hear Intuition coming up. I hear it like this: In Intuition as the Real Intelligence, the body creates its own Sealing as Violet. Thus a Free Body exists in this. 

I also feel he reveals the Name of his counterpart, which is RAMA Tas. This stands for RAdiant MAtter. The Violet planet itself is his Counterpart as the overflowing Radiant Star he talks about, which is RAdiant MAtter (RAMA).  

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