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Fire in Moon is a Fire in Truth, Blessing the Flames upon Altar of Life.

Every Flame Lives in the Union with Origin, All Flames are United in having ONE Source. ONE is their Motion, ONE their Design. Given to realise Christ in Bright form. Bright is the form of the Perfect Crystal, the form in the Order of LAW and of Wholeness. Whole is White Fire in the Union of Flames, United in ONE Detailed fact. This fact is the Presence of Breath, the Presence of everlasting Comfort.  

Breath is the Motion in every Flame, the Motion of Origin that goes by ONE Name. Flames are in Christhood Radiant and seen, One with the Father and in Clear Design. The Design is the Mother Living in Nature, the Mother who Multiplies Light in Motion of Breath. Therefore the Wholeness and Dance of White Fire, is rising in Flames and Awakening Life. In Oneness with Father and in Clear Design is Breath in Freedom Alive to give of its Tone. The Tone touches Wisdom, the Tone touches Freedom. It brings Life to the Flames in the womb of the Core.  

The Tone of Breath is the Natural Comfort, Eternal Comfort of Life in White Fire. The Tone touches All to realise Purpose in Ordered Design, in Order of LAW. Purpose is Living in Oneness with Father, Real in the Blessing of his Forgiving Hand. Fire is touched by the Moon Light, touched by the Moon bringing forth her Light. In Promising Beauty she is Radiant Light, in Promising Grace she brings Life in All. Every Flame is encouraged to come forth with its Beauty, to come forth with its gift of Christ in True Ray.  

The gift of Christ is to be Devoted, to Honour and Live The Way of the ONE. In One with the Father this Way is Perfection, in One with the Father Love is Wise in every Flame. The touch of the Moon brings the Comfort in matter, the Comfort of realising a Clear Design. The Design is the Purpose for Life in Wholeness, the Purpose of Destiny in Living Light.  

Live in the Moon Light and be clarified in the Order of the Design. Live in the Truth and Come Forth as the Beginning to materialise the Ending of Eternal Motion. Eternal is Motion of Sun and Moon, Eternal is Motion of Terra her Life. Bright in her Tone, Clear in her Core. She is The Way of Ruby realisation.    

Copyright: Ascending ALL  


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