Being Free to create is being able to bow for the Allness of Life. Freedom of Creativity is Active in Honouring All Life and the Order IN Life.

Life prevails in the Original Truth, when creativity is Free. Human RACE Lives to Honour the Moon and to Honour the Sun. As ONE they bring Order to Life in which Details Blossom and Grow. Growth gives the Glow of Eternity. Growth gives the Rising of Truth in All.
All Life Welcomes the Freedom of Creative Human Being, All Life awaits the Clarity of the ION in NEW. NEW Awakens in the Promise of ONE Way, which is the Promise of Eternal HOPE in Aquarius. Freedom to Create Lives in the Right to Blossom as Detail and in the Right to Commune as ONE LIFE. Ordered Life is Natural for Human Being, in Order Human Being is Well. Creation bows for the GOD in RACE, for the Ability to be Free and to Act Creative. Elements Gather to Celebrate Moon of Creative Freedom, to Celebrate Beginning of Life in ONE ION.
Copyright: Ascending All


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