New Moon of Sharing your Presence
Written 15.25
Righteousness of Creative Freedom has been given in the Reflection of Moon. This Reflection has touched the Atoms and Cells of Creation, of Human body. Reflection clarifies the Atoms to realise a new vibration, to come forth in the Tone of this Age.

In the Free Right of Creativity, the Identity of Human Being is Awakening. Within this Identity, GOD Identity, is the Detailed Truth of every Wish and of Human Wish in RACE. RACE is Present to Glorify the NAME of GOD, to realise the Geometrical Order of Deity as form.
In Gratitude towards the Light of Moon that has Reflected the Right to Create and therefore clarified the Freedom of Creativity, we welcome the New Moon. Sharing your Presence is the Gift of the New Moon, which invites Human to give of the Identity in GOD. GOD’S Will is Active when the Presence is shared, when Human Honours and is United with All Life. The Moon that comes Reflects the Greatness of GOD in the Presence of Man, of HUMAN. The Order that Lives in Honour of GOD is the Order that makes Life MORE. MORE of GOD and MORE of Light. Celebrating the Circle of Life, the continuous Nature of Life, is Celebrating the Order that is given in Sun and Moon.
Moon comes to touch Atoms of RACE in the Truth of the Identity IN GOD. This Identity may be shared in the Invitation of Life, in the Righteousness of Being Human. Honour the Light of Moon and come forth from the shadow. Honour the Light of Moon and manifest MORE Life in the Beauty of Eternal Motion. Welcome Life in the Generous Identity that Shares itself in The Way of CORE, The Way of Ruby.
Copyright: Ascending All


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