Welcome in the Age of Aquarius. Welcome in the Age in which Details are Invited and Welcomed to bring forth the Light of the Aquarian Tone. Bringing forth the Light of Aquarius is Living in the Reality that is given in the Sun, the Direction of Sun.

Being Aware of the Fact that the Age is New, being Aware of the Fact that this Age is the Age that Enlightens All, is being Aware of the Reality of Sharing your Presence. The Aquarian Age is an Age that is Orchestrated by the Many, which means that it is Created by ALL and not by just one individual or not reigned by one individual. It is the Age in which Communion and thus Sharing your Presence is of the utmost importance. Manifesting, so forming, creating and Directing the Age of Aquarius and thereby Realising that Terra is Alive within this Age is done in the Communion and thus in Breath of Spirit. Sharing your Presence is done by Breathing. First step is to Breathe in and out to be Present and Alive upon this planet.
Planet Terra Invites All the Details and therefore she is the Altar of Life. In her Welcoming Reality, in her Welcoming Love it is that All Presences can be given that All Light can be given. And when the Light is given the planet can start to Resonate upon a New Level of Reality. The planet can Resonate within Life that is Eternal.
Future of Humanity is in the Fact that Presences can be Shared. Future of Humanity is in the Fact that Light is there to be Spread. Light is Naturally Spreading itself because Light Shines, Light gives and therefore Light is Always an Eternal Source.
Future of Humanity, Future of planet Terra, United as ONE Home and United as ONE Body is a Fact in the Age of Aquarius. This Fact is Formed and this Fact is again Orchestrated by the Many. So Many work together in Communion; it is ALL that Realise ONE. And in this Truth is the Truth of the Sharing of Presence, in this Truth is the Truth of being Above as Below. This is the Truth of the Emerald Stones and it is the Union of ALL Life that Lives within ONE Breath that Lives within Communion.
So Share your Presence, Share of the Light and Form the Aquarian Age, Form the Aquarian Creation, a Creation that is filled with the Colours of the Rainbow, a Creation that is filled with Light that Resonates with Allness.
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