In the Reflection of Light we bring the Truth of the Moon. In the Reflection of Light of the Sun we bring the Direction of Aquarius. In the Reflection of Light we have given in the Moon, to Teach, to Show, to Share your Presence.

Now we Reflect the Light to Welcome Life, to Welcome Light within the Singularity. The Singularity is the Point in which ALL is ONE and ONE is ALL. The Singularity is the Point of the Beginning and the Ending; it is the Truth of Sealing. ALL that comes from within the Singularity is always Sealed within Breath of God. Always Present within the Light and therefore always Sharing its Presence. It is the Reality of the Alpha and Omega as ONE; it is the Reality where Form Begins where Matter starts.
To Be Conscious of the Fact that there is Matter and that there is a Point where Matter starts or that there is a Reality before Matter comes into existence is to understand the Singularity. Singularity is the Beginning and when formed in Light, in Right, in Order, it is the Ending; it is Creation. Singularity has the Potential to Be More, it has the Potential to be the Reality of Creation, to Be a Radiant Creation and thus to Be Radiant Aqua.
The Aquarian Direction is Reflected in Moon and the Aquarian Direction is formed in the Hands of Human RACE. So as we are together in the Moon, you are together as RACE to Form in Grace, to Form in Gratitude of the Fact that you are Creative, to Form in Gratitude of the Fact that you are Born in the Singularity-Point that you are Born in the Oneness of Alpha and Omega, created in the Physical Reality of this Earthly Existence. You may Be Grateful for this Earthly Existence, you may Be Joyful in this Earthly Existence, you may Rejoice and thus Celebrate the Fact that Light has Prevailed because you are Alive because you Breathe.
And now we have come to the Point where Life can become MORE, where Life has the Potential to Expand itself and this is possible in the Creative Ability of Humanity, in the Creative Ability that exists within the Singularity-Point. It is the Point where Life Begins. So it is the Point of the Origin of Human RACE; it is the Point of your Creativity. It is the Point in which Reflection and Direction come into Existence because Life starts here.
So Be in the Moon of Singularity and Receive the Reflection of her Light, of her Right and of her Order. Receive the Reflection that gives you the Direction of Aquarius because in this Direction Life will Be Formed, Life will Be Grateful and the Expression of Grace. Form thus within Singularity or from Singularity. Realise that ALL is ONE and ONE is ALL. Be the Reflection, Be the Direction and meet each other, meet in Communion because this Lives in the Singularity, in the ONE Point that Seals, in the ONE Light that IS and in the ONE Breath that makes ALL Expand and BE MORE.
Welcome the Moon, Welcome the Sun, Welcome the Equilibrium of these two because this Equilibrium is the Freedom of your Life, it is the Sun, the Moon and Earth as ONE in the Rhythm that is given in God’s Breath. This Rhythm is the Pulse within Singularity; it is the Pulse in which Life goes Forward. Ascend in this Forward Motion, Ascend in the Upward Reality of the Spiral, the Spiral IS in Singularity, the Spiral Lives in Singularity and you will Live as Human RACE within this Spiral, within this Singularity because you are the Beginning and the Ending. You are the Reality of God’s Name.
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