Moon is NEW in the Tone of Aquarius to form the Righteousness of Mother, which is the Order in White Fire present. Forming the Righteousness of Mother is forming creation that uses the Light of Aquarius and the Light of the Sun in the most Effective Way.

This is The Way of Ruby, The Way in which the Sun is Honoured and the Light is formed in Reflection of Moon. Materialising Aquarius is materialising the Destiny of Terra in Union with Venus. Motion of Terra is in Union with Venus. Her Orbit is Active in the Alignment with Sun and in receiving the Tone of Aquarius. Aquarian Tone is Future for All, a Future of Allness.

Allness is in Wholeness, in the Geometrical Perfection of Ordered White Fire. Forming a way that comes with the Light of Aquarius and that IS in the Righteousness of Mother, is forming to realise Detailed Expression of ION. Detailed Expression is Promised as HOPE, Promise of HOPE. Detailed Expression is ONE Tone in the Beginning of form that comes forth in the Wishful interaction of Wholeness. Wishes interact in Human RACE, Being Human is Being aligned with the Sun and Being Creative in the Tone of Aquarius. All Light given, is given in the detailed formations of Life, Ordered formations. These formations receive Light and are formed in the Breath of GOD that IS in Human Being. Being Human is being Creative in the most Natural Motion of Humanity, namely Breathing.

ONE by ONE, Wholeness is formed. A righteous form that Expresses Details. Matter uses Light Right and therefore IS the Order of White Fire. This is the NEW in Moon and the NEW in materialising ONE Life for All.
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