Living Nature is MORE than the Stream of Life that unfolds in Order. Living Nature is the Detailed Expression of Allness, of Wholeness.

In the Order of Maltese Cross is the Ordered Reality for Nature and Human RACE to manifest ONE Life as form, as Creation. Life is created Orderedly in the Principles of Aquarius, the Principles of Maltese Cross. Realising Life of Detailed Truth, is learning to create in the Motion of in and outbreath, which is the Motion in which Maltese Cross Lives as an ordered form. Generating Light in the Breathing Truth of Aquarius Awakens Creative abilities to make All Life NEW. NEW Life is Natural Life, Natural Power of ONE Way and Tone.

Tone of Aquarius gives the Resonance of Way, of Future and of Ordered Promise. Tone of Aquarius gives Light the Right to be form, to materialise in the LAW of Aquarian Age. Singularity is the ONE able to Generate Light. Therefore, Singularity is the ONE able to materialise Light. Meaning Singularity is the Beginning of Matter, of physical Life. It is therefore that Ascension Begins IN Singularity, in the Point of Alpha and Omega as ONE Active Motion. Ascension in the Age of Aquarius, is an Ascension of All Life, of All Details. Physical Ascension is the Reality of Natural Life, realising that Ascension is a continuous and ongoing process or Spiral. In the physical Truth of Ordered Creation, Ascension is the Natural fact of every form. Being IN the upward Spiral of Light, generated in the Singularity Point, in Beginning.

Realise the forming of Aquarius as an Ordered Whole, as Allness Ascending in ONE Direction.
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