NEW Moon comes with the Light of the current Moon, with the Gift of her Reflection.

In her Reflection she has formed the Reality of Consciousness and Awareness as ONE, which is the Reality of Singularity. Singularity is Beginning of Life and contains Light. Moon Reflects to form with Light of Singularity and first, she forms Singularity herself in the Earthly Reality of Life. The Alpha and Omega Principles are United and Sealed in Singularity to be able to give Life in ONE Destiny. ONE Destined form is the form of Aquarius in every body, in Terra and RACE.

RACE Lives to be Creative and to Honour the Light of Sun and the Reflection of Moon. Creative Activity of RACE is the Action of ONE Power Present in All. GOD is Present in RACE, because Human is of GOD. And Human IS GOD in the Creative Right that comes with the Principles of Alpha and Omega, thus with Singularity.

Moon Reflects to form, to form the Power of GOD as Life and to make Life MORE in the Continuous Right of Creativity. Creative Will in Human is the Will to Honour, the Will to be IN GOD. IN GOD is MORE and IN GOD is the forming of Moon. NEW Moon forms the Power of Wellness, Wellness as Living Reality. Welcome the Moon in the Glory of GOD, the Glory of Being Human.

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