In Violet is right to create Freely and to manifest the Free Atom. Free Atom is Active, which means Atom is Aligned with the Spinning of Axes of Terra and of Human Spine. Meaning that Atom is Active in the Spinning of Spine, thus in the Motion of the INNER reality of CORE.

Spine is the CORE embracing the physical structures and encouraging these structures to BE. Body of Union is Body Present and created in Action of CORE. Creating the Living Structures of Body, is manifesting the Divinity of Human Being. Human Being is in its Essence an Alchemist. Human Being is the Essential Alchemist when it comes to Life of and on Terra.

Alchemical Power of Human RACE creates the Living Reality of Terra in the Perfection that comes with Grace. Grace is the Simpleness of Living in Breath, in Being Aligned with the Allness of Singularity. Singularity is the Source of Alchemy, the Source in which Alchemical Power is Activated. Activating the Singularity in Awareness and Consciousness, is establishing the Power of Alchemy in Human RACE. Which means the Truth of the INNER Awakens in Human and can therefore be applied in Living, in Creating. Divinity of Human Life is Expressing the True Alchemist, the Alchemical Reality of Being Human. Expressing the Truth of CORE as Ruby Love, is the Reality of Human RACE. Divinity of Human Being is to Love, to Breathe IN Love, in the Spinning of CORE.

Violet of March releases the Truth of INNER and makes way for the Alchemist in Singularity. In Grace Life is seen in the I, which Naturally makes I give of itself in the Spinning Nature of CORE itself.

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