Fullness of Life is in the Glory of Living the Direction and Reflection of Sun and Moon. Fullness is in Living the Order given by the reality of Terra her Destiny.

Honouring this Reality, Honouring the Principles of Aquarius, is Living in the Action of Sun and Moon IN Terra. IN Terra is our encouragement, our nourishment. RACE is nurtured and nourished by the Principles of Mother IN Terra Present. Terra is Omega, she nourishes RACE. Therefore RACE is encouraged by the Father, by the Power of Alpha. Alpha Power is the Will to Live, the Will to be IN Omega alive and to realise the Wholeness of her Being. Omega Welcomes All into Life and Alpha makes All Live by the Empowerment of Will. Being Willing to be Human is the Key to Living on Terra. Being Willing to be Human, is the Key to Honouring Sun and Moon as ONE Order.

White Fire is Life because of the Realised Gift of Sun and Moon. Direction and Reflection as ONE Way, realise Life in the Order of White Fire as Detailed Perfection. Expressing the Details and forming these Details, is task of Human RACE, task of the Reality of ONE RACE. RACE is able to create Destiny of Terra, thus to Honour Mother and Principles of Omega. RACE is able to receive the Encouragement of Father, the Power of Alpha. RACE IS Willing, because Human RACE is the Goodness of GOD in Will. Therefore the Love of RACE, of Being Human, is in Will. The Love for Terra is in the Will to Live on Terra, the Will to be nourished by her Grace.

Welcome Sun and Moon in ONE Way, in ONE Life. Welcome Sun and Moon in the Perfection of Order, in the Detailed Constellation that RACE Naturally is.

Copyright: Ascending All

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