Let us Unite our Voices and bring ONE Tone of Harmony.
We pray for Future of Terra and Human RACE, because we Wish to Unite. The Wish of Being ONE RACE is Righteous in Aquarius, Righteous in the Destiny of our Lives.

Fulfilling this Destiny is our Dream and Purpose, the Path of HOPE. We ask all Archangels to walk this Path with us and to Enlighten our Way. We ask all Beings in Nature to bring their Glory in Union to realise a Hopeful Terra, to realise a Faithful Human. Pray with us and realise our Dream in the Truth of Harmony.
In the Power of Harmony we give this Prayer. In the Righteousness of GOOD Will in our CORE, we use our Voice to bring ONE Tone in this World. ONE Tone is the Living Future that has already started in our Heartbeat.

In Harmony we are Sealed to Live an upward Spiral
Listen to the Tone of Aquarius and Obey her Order
Manifest GOD’S Will and let this be our Mantra
Copyright: Ascending All

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