As Beings of Nature we need your Prayer and focus, because we need the Light that is given while you are having a focus on ONE World, ONE form, ONE Destiny.

The Aquarian Destiny will come to pass in our Ability to Obey the Order of White Fire and all aspects in it. We realise the Ordered Nature of Human RACE, literally and basically. The more Human Being is Praying for Life in Order, the more we are able to give of ourselves and of our Destined Task and Promise in the GOOD Will of our CORE.

We are focused on every body, Living to Design the Destined Future and the Promised Way of HOPE. We manifest the Golden Reality of the Consciousness of GOD in Human RACE, while being able to fulfil the Detailed Wishes. We are Present in Ordered White Fire to give All a Detailed Opportunity to Breathe, to Live, to Wish and come forth in Purity. The Horn of Aquarius Sounds in our bodies, in our Beings. The Tone of our Aquarian Purpose resonates in our Will and Ability, Empowering and Encouraging us to manifest the Triumph of HOPE, which is the Revelation of Eternal Creation.

We Live Ordered in Geometrical Lines, Honouring the GEO Perfection of Terra and making this Perfection MORE. We Live to BE the form of Aquarius, in the Creative Ability of Human RACE and Being. Being Human is Being able to Live the United Truth of Life on Terra, to be Human in Unity. In the Gift of Violet Fire we are able to come forth and work, we are able to make an effort and manifest the NEW Cell of Human.

Thus, Pray. Reveal the Light of Aquarius by Praying in the Tone of this Age and in the Honouring of our Great Deity. Reveal the Light of Aquarius as the ONE that Lives, as the ONE that is to be Creation. Pray and let Wisdom rise in its Natural Ability, in its Natural Existence. We Breathe Spirit as you do, we Breathe and we come forth in Time and Space to form the Mother in Wise Reign. Which eventually means that she gives Birth to Eternal Life, to the Eternal Reality of HOPE in Emerald Order.

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