Month is renewed in the Power of HOPE of this year 2020. Month is renewed in the Violet Gift of March. April starts as a New Beginning, a Beginning in the Origin of Order. Welcome White Fire in April and the Order it IS in the Truth of GOD Government. Welcome the Reality of GOD in Being Human.

April is the Perfect Month in 2020 to realise Being Human in the Perfection of Creativity, which is Alchemy. The Alchemical Power of Human Being is the Power of GOD, the Truth of GOD in Action. Human is born to be GOD, to be the Reflection and Direction of GOD its Will and MORE.

The time is NOW to manifest the GOD Being in Human RACE, to manifest the Original ONE. In Honouring the Order of White Fire, GOD is the ONE Expressed. Realising the fact that Being Human is Being Creator, is realising the Living Truth of ONE NAME. ONE NAME is the Sound of GOD and GOD is Active in the Tone of Aquarius. Destined Human Being is able to fulfil the Promise of creative Wish, the Promise to apply the Alchemical Truth of RACE. In Wishful Will of GOD is the capacity to BE GOD, to BE Human in the INNER most Nature of what Human is. Human is Being Humanity, is realising the Conscious and Aware Act of Creativity.

Be Creative in the NAME of GOD, know thy Name as thy Origin and Order. Know the Perfect Way of Living in GOD's Tone. Enable All in RACE to manifest HOPE in the Blossom and Resurrection of White Fire Order.

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