Meeting during the Full Moon of the Beatitude "Blessed are the Meek, for they shall inherit the earth."
Dictation given at 4.35 pm
Breathe in and out in the Perspective of Reflection.
Breathe in and out in the Fullness of the Moon. Breathe thus the Comfort Ability of every Detail, of every detailed Expression of God. Which means that you are able to come forth as a Detail in the Perfection of Reflection, in the Wholeness that Reflection gives.

You are able to Live as Human Being to Radiate the Purity and the Perfection of a given Form. The fact that you Form that you Create as Human Being Lives within the Reflection of this Moon and Lives within the Perfection of Direction in the Sun. You are therefore Creator, you are therefore God, you are therefore Natural Human Being.
Being able to Receive the Reflection of the Moon and the Direction of the Sun is being filled with the Softness that gives All the Ability to Create. The Ability to Create is given in your Birthright, given in your very first Breath. So Breathe in the Reflection of the Fullness of Moon to Realise the Gift of Creativity, to Realise the Gift of your detailed Creativity.
Being Born upon this planet is being able to Live in the Four Elements and thus being able to Breathe. You are God while Breathing, you are God while Creating. And in the Fullness of Moon you are the One that may give All the Reality of Reflection and Direction as ONE Form.
Human Being is Natural in the Purity of Reflection, in the Perfection of Direction and then Formed as Creation, a Clear Creation, a Crystal Clear Creation.
Welcome thus the Fullness of Moon to Be Soft in your Creativity to be able to Realise an Harmonious Form within the Union of the Four Elements. All Elementals, Terra and Human RACE Realise thus the Form of the Aquarian Age, in Wholeness of Reflection, in the Beauty of Direction and in the Natural Form of a Loving Reality that is given in the Ruby Core of this planet.
Come Home in this Age, Come Home to Materialise the Beauty of Creativity, the Beauty of Details and thus the Clarity of God’s Face. All Details Shine in the Reflection of Moon. All Details Live in the Direction of Sun. All Details are Present in the Motion of Terra around Sun, in the Motion of her Orbit. Be Welcome in the Breath of God. So Breathe in and Breathe out. Breathe the Reflection of the Fullness of Moon.
Als je het Licht dus inademt van de Maan, open dan even je armen vanuit je hart en verspreid het Licht van de Maan over de Natuur, over de Wereld. Voel in je hart het Licht van de Maan, open je hart, open je armen, verspreid het Licht en draai even een rondje. Schijn het Licht overal de wereld in, een langzaam rondje, het Licht van de Reflectie van de Maan zodat we overal zachtheid uitdragen als mens. Adem in en breng je handen naar je hart. We staan nu weer naar de Maan gericht en open vanuit je hart, met je vingertoppen over je hart, en breng naar voren en naar buiten toe met je handen. Je hebt nu je armen wijd. Verspreid het Licht van de Maan in de Wereld, in de Natuur, de Elementen,de Elementals. Adem door en dan breng je jouw handpalmen naar beneden en straal/zegen op deze manier de Aarde. En dan breng je ze weer met lange armen naar voren toe, dat je echt op de wereld schijnt met je handen, met je handpalmen naar beneden. Adem in. In de Natuur via je handen het Licht van de Maan. Ga zover mogelijk naar buiten, armen spreiden, draai weer even een rondje, zegen de wereld met het Licht van de Maan, de Reflectie van de Licht met je adem zachtheid van je hart. Adem goed in en breng je handen in prayposition. Het Licht van de Maan in je adem en in je uitademing, je voelt weer dat je in de wereld staat in Zachtheid. Adem door het Licht van de Maan waardoor al je cellen, ieders cel, zachtheid ervaart.
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