Light Awakens in Morning in the Power of Sun and in the Welcome of Earth. Earth Welcomes the Light of Aquarius, Matter Welcomes the NEW Beginning, the Fresh Start.

Life Starts in the Singularity, the ONE of Direction and Reflection that IS Alpha and Omega. Alpha and Omega give Life to planet Terra and to Human RACE, Realised in the Being of Human because of Details in White Fire Order. Ordered White Fire is the Original Beginning of Life, realised in the Singular Direction of ONE Tone. Aquarian Tone directs the Light, Aquarian Tone gives the basic frequency to come HOME in the Destiny of HOPE to be Golden Reality.

To Awaken in the Morning of the Day is to Welcome the Light of Aquarius, to Welcome the Tone in the Atoms and Cells. Each Cell is touched by the Light of Water in Aqua, by the Light of Aquarius. Each Cell is Welcomed into the Light by the Right of Mother to do so, the Right of Terra to Nurture RACE. The Start of a NEW Day is the Start of a NEW Era, of a cycle that Lives in the rising of Sun Light. Detail by Detail Awakens in the Morning Light and Detail by Detail Blossoms in the Truth of Moon. Realising the Motion of Eternity in the Ordered Gift of Sun and Moon, is realising The Way of Love, The Way of CORE.

CORE of Terra is the Loving Gift of Alpha and Omega, the Loving Gift of Sanat Kumara. Receiving this Gift as Life, Earthly Life, is receiving the Start of NEW and embracing the fact that HOPE can be created in the Light of Sun. Welcome NEW Day, Welcome Way of Aquarius, Way of Loving Creativity. Welcome to the Destiny of HOPE, namely to be HOME for All in the Sealed State of Alpha and Omega, which is the Ending in Golden Reign.

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