Arrangement of Life Lives in the Colours of Rainbow, in the Colours of HOPE. Life is an Arrangement, like a Union of Flowers showing the Beauty of Nature and bringing Inspiration to Human Being.

Life is Arranged to be Ordered and to realise Inspiration for the Creative Wish of Human Being. Wish in Human Being is Active in the Direction of Sun and seen in the Reflection of Moon. Reflective Truth of Moon shows Way of Wish, shows Opportunity to materialise the Wish as Living Reality. GOD is Reality in the physical form of Wish, the Truth of ONE Direction as Creation.

Creating Life according to the Arrangement is Creating Life in the Ordered Principles of Aquarius and in the Colours of HOPE. HOPE is Destiny of the Age of Aquarius, the Destiny that makes Golden Future Real. Human Being Breathes to welcome the Sun in Morning, to meet the Reflection of Moon in Night. It means Human Being Breathes to decorate the Light of GOD with its Creativity, to emphasise the Beauty of this Light. Forming the Light of GOD as Creation in the endless Opportunities given in Order, is forming the Right Path called Life.

Path for Human RACE is Ruby Path, the Path of Terra her CORE. Human RACE Lives on Terra in the Welcoming of Sun Light. Terra is the Altar for All Colours of HOPE, for All Colourful Wishes in Human Being. Being Grateful for Breath is Being Grateful for Light and for the Truthful interaction of Human IN Nature. Exercise the God given Authority to Create and make Life Blossom as the Flowers of Eternal Beauty.
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