Living in Nature, in Natural I, is Space of the Buddha in which Breathing is Comfortable. Filling this Space with Breath, is creating Life in the Beauty of Aquarius, in the Principles of Ordered ONE.

ONE Creates Beauty, ONE forms the Identity of GOD and shows the Right of Existence in Human RACE. Being Human is Breathing to manifest the Purpose of Destined Living. Destined Living is fruitful, wonderful and Magical. Destined Living fulfils all Atoms and gives Way of IONs. Each ION is the manifest Tone of GOD, the manifest GOD Authority. It is the Authority of GOD as form.

Right of Human Being to breathe and thus to Create, is Right of Human Being to realise Opportunities in Tone of GOD, in Tone of Aquarius. Every Opportunity is Life in Motion, Life in the in and out Breath of GOD. When you Breathe as Human Being, GOD Breathes. Breathing is the Right of Motion, the Right of Order to be form. Buddha Space is a given when Breathing is Comfortable, when Breathing is Way to come forth, to fulfil Right to Exist. ONE Exists in the Beauty of GOD, the Beauty of Living Human Being. ONE Exists in the Promise of HOPE and in the Natural Way of Moving.

Live IN Nature, in Space of the Natural Identity. Human is the Identity of GOD, Authorised to Act in his Name, to create as God creates. Be Faithful to this Name, to the Just that is done in ONE Way.

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