Glorify the Moon and her dance with Sun in the Realisation of a NEW form, a NEW Age, a NEW Life. Glorify the Magnificent Purpose of Sky and Earth, the Union of Father and Mother that brings Life in the Eternal Motion given in the Harmony of Nature Elements.

Elements of Nature are Harmonious to form the Wisdom of GOD as Human Life. Wisdom of GOD is the Righteousness of Living, the Righteousness of Being Active in Creative Power and of Being able to Direct the Light into White Fire. In doing so, Light and White Fire United can be moulded into form, formed into the Perfection of the HOPEful Colours of the Rainbow. Rainbow is Active in the Living Way of Aquarius, the Living Way of Love.

Activate the Light of Moon by Being Willing to Live in Design of Emerald Tone and Ray. Living in this Design is Living in the Tone that gives Nature and Human RACE a Begin. Beginning of Life is in the base of Emerald, in the Emerald Tone that Sounds to bring forth the Immaculate Vision of the Virgin Mother. Mother of Aquarius is Virgin Mother, she Lives to see her children rise and to Multiply White Fire in the Order given in Cosmos. ONE Way is The Way of ONE RACE, a RACE United in Religion and in Colour, in Sound and in Destiny. Destined Creativity Awakens in Human RACE, Honouring the Fact that RACE is GRACE. Be Grateful for the Living Purpose of Destiny, for the Living Motion of Real Life.

Breathe the Accumulation of Light and form this Light into the Aquarian Matter, Matter that is LIFE for All Details who Begin to Breathe.

Copyright: Ascending All

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