Born in the Power of Sun and Moon is Human Being, Born in the Light that is Reflected and Directed. You are born in the Order that is given by Sun and Moon; an Order that gives Life. Within this Order you are Equal, within this Order you are Free, within this Order you are Detailed.
Detailed Human RACE Blossoms as the Colours of the Rainbow and shows thereby the Face of God. Showing this Face is showing the Light, that shines Bright that shines Perfectly, that shines Beautiful.
To become the Perfection that is given by Nature, to Realise the Bliss of Nature, you may see the Direction and Reflection as the Dance of Cosmos. In the Reality of the Cosmic Order Life Unfolds and Life Unrolls the LAW of this Age. In the LAW of this Age, the Aquarian Age, you are given the Commands to Live your Wish and to Command within your Wish the Power of Nature.
So as you Wish is the Command given to Nature, the Command given to Unroll the LAW with Beautiful Form, to Unfold the Details as Perfect Light, to Unfold this World in the Reality of Reflection and Direction; in the Reality of the Motion that Lives within the Order of Cosmos. This Cosmic Order is given to you as Human RACE. This Cosmic Order is given in Cosmos to Planets and to you as Humanity.
Be aware of the fact that you are Alive in Order. Be Aware of the fact that you are Alive as a Detail in Order. You are Detailed so God can Blossom in the Perfection, in the Ability and in the Wish of Nature. The Nature Elements are Present to Unroll the LAW, to Unroll Commands and in your Wish is the Command, in your Choice is the Reality of Nature’s Growth. So Grow with Nature, Grow in the Beauty of the Elements, Grow in the Motion of Reflection and Direction. Grow in the Cosmic Order. This is the Order given to you. This is the Order that gives ONE, ONE Life and ONE World. In this Union of Sun and Moon is the Reality of the Moon of today. In the Union of Sun and Moon is the Reality of the Fulfilment in your Detailed Identity.
Be the Identity of God. Awaken in the Power of Nature. Awaken in the Truth of Equilibrium.
Copyright: Ascending ALL


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