Authority of GOD has been given in the Fire of Pentecost, in the Inspiration to START Life in the Order of Abram's Seed.

To make Seed Flourish as form, as Life that is Alive in the Order and therefore Eternal, we Pray to have Right of Seed come forth. Praying is forming the Authority of GOD and making GOD MORE. Therefore, June is the Month of Prayer. A Month to realise the forming of GOD's Identity, with his Authority that Reigns in the Aquarian Principles. Principles of this Age are Active and given in the Order of Cosmos, to make GOD MORE. Praying is forming the Light of GOD in the Authorised Way, the Way of Principles and Order.

GOD's Authority Lives in Seed of Abram and manifests itself in the Identity seen by GOD, thus in Identity of Creation. Creation is the Expressed form of GOD, Expression of GOD's Authority and Identity. The Omega Right in GOD's Authority is to Pray. In Prayer is the Power of Reflection, it Reflects the Identity of GOD and specifically the Wish of GOD. Forming the Wish in GOD's NAME is Living the Prayer of his Authority. Human Being is Authorised to Live GOD's Authority, to BE GOD in Action, thus to Live in GOD Authority. Praying is manifesting the Right of GOD while focusing on the Right of Seed to come forth as form, as Detailed Beauty. Beauty of Creation is in Order manifest. Beauty of Creation is the Active Right of Atom and Cell to form Perfect in the Magnificent Power of Creativity and Imagination.

To Pray is to Imagine, to realise ONE Self in the Vision of GOD's Authority. Aquarius Reigns in Authority of the Order of Cosmos. This Reign manifests the Vision of GOD, Wish of GOD, as Perfect Reality of form. Welcome the Ability of Praying, of Reflecting the Wish so Authority is seen and Lived.
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