Life Starts in the Announcement of Gabriel, the Announcement in which HOPE is the given reality to make Detail Blossom. Blossoming Power for Detail is in Truth, in the Active Sign of the current Age. Aquarius is Active in Direction of Sun and in Reflection of Moon. Aquarius gives of itself and brings the Signal to All Details to rise and Awaken IN HOPE. Which states that all Details may listen to the Voice of Gabriel to be announced as Living Body of GOD.

GOD's Body is the Expression of Human Being in the Creative CORE of RACE realised. RACE Lives to fulfil the Destined Welcome of Details, the Destined Invitation of Detailed Promise. Gabriel announces Aquarius and Gabriel announces the Detailed Manifestation of GOD's face. Every Detail IN Aquarius, IN Truth, is a Detail able to Blossom. In order to realise the Blossoming Truth of ONE, ONE must be willing to Live IN CORE and IN GOD's Vision. Vision of GOD is the Vision given for Eternity, for the Cycle of Life that makes Eternity Reality. The fact that Aquarius Lives in the Promise of HOPE and in the Reality of ONE Way, is the fact that Vision is given in Beginning and will be realised as Ending. The forming of Way is the forming of GOD's Body, of the Blossoming Truth of Detailed GOD.

Human Being is a Detailed GOD, GOD IN Detail Expressed. GOD's Body is realised in the Promised Truth of Expressing CORE and GOD's Vision. Vision is Eternal and always given to make Life Purposeful and MORE. Vision of GOD resonates within the CORE of Human RACE, within the Order of White Fire. All IN Fire and IN Order is touched by GOD's Eye. Expressing the CORE of White Fire Order, is manifesting this Eye as physical Reality, the Eye that sees all and is seen by all. GOD's face is visible when Detail Blossoms, when Active Sign of Aquarius is Present in physical form of LAW. GOD Welcomes All and Gabriel announces All in Great Detail, to Invite Life to Blossom in the Order of GOD's Prayer and Body.

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