The Sun brings today and the Sun brings Tomorrow. Giving its Light to Direct all in ONE. Waving Goodbye to the past with Salvation, knowing that Life continues in MORE. Embracing NEW Future and bringing forth form in Aquarian Spin, is Way of Humanity and Act in GOD’S NAME.

Listen to the Song of the Living Archangels and Dance with the Sun and the Moon in the Light. Ordered White Fire gives all Detailed Order, a Path to Forgive in the Allness of Love. Hear the Music given in Solstice, Hear the Tone of Aquarian Age. Catch the Sun Rays of Healing and Future, vibrate in Action of ONE Simple Way. Honour the Light and give Growth to the Brightness of Details in Passion of Learning to BE.
Come Solstice, come NEW Light. Come transformation of Atom and Cell. Open the I to Reveal inner Sunshine and welcome True Life in the base of our Spine.
Copyright: Ascending All

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