After the Summer Solstice we celebrated the New Moon of the Beatitude: Blessed are the Merciful, for they will be shown mercy.
Isabel: we hebben onze handen in bidpostitie en Isabel zegt “zit rechtop in Recht” .

Alive in Reflection and Present in Direction we reveal the New Moon that gives us All Light. And this Light is given to Open the Heart, to bring Brightness to All. The Heart is Bright because it is fulfilled with your Wish, it is filled with the Right to Exist and it beats with the Rhythm of Cosmos, it Beats in the Order of Cosmos. Your Heart therefore is able to Be Merciful, to be Charitable.

You give of your Right to Exist every moment that you give. You bring forth the Light of Sun and Moon in ONE Heartbeat. And while you Live Erected, while you Live Righteous, you are Straight while giving, you are Straight and Honest. In your Honesty, your Honest Expression is Mercy. In your Honest Expression is Charity. Your Heart Beats in the Rhythm of Cosmos.
So Be Alive within this Rhythm. Be Alive within the Light of Sun and Moon. The Moon is New, the Moon Reveals because in her Light is the Presence of God and this Presence is a Manifest Reality as Creation. So Be Present in Creation and Be Creative. Realise that your Wish, your Detailed Form is a Gift, a Gift of Mercy, a Gift of Charity. Be Full of Mercy, Be Full of Charity in Realising the Fact that your Spine spins in the Order of Cosmos and that your Spine is the Straightness of your Being.
You are ONE and you are Sealed in the Reality of the Cosmic Order. You are ONE and you are Present in Living Direction. You are the Reflection and you are the Direction. You are able therefore to give ONE Wish. The Heart is Open, you are Breathing and in this Open Heart you are Revealing.
REVEAL the Presence of God. REVEAL the New in Being Charitable.
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