Active Design of Emerald gives Space for Sun and Moon to be United, to be Active in the Motion of Eternity
The Activity of Emerald Design is given to the Motion of Terra, Sun and Moon, to Realise a Space in which the Truth can come forth.

It is the Truth of Sun, it is the Truth of Moon and it is the Truth of Terra. In their Truthful Union or their Truthful Communion, is the Reality of Eternal Motion in which the Gift of Light and Order can be given. Ordered Motion is a fact because Emerald Design is on Terra, Ordered Motion around the Sun. We have our orbit around Sun and in this is Moon present. The Reflection of the Moon is the Reality of Mercy; it is the Merciful Heart that is present.
In the Reflection you may Realise that ALL Life is ONE and that No Harm is Done. It is the Reality of the Truth of Life. Truthful interaction of Sun, Moon and Terra is the Beginning for Human RACE to Be Merciful, to Be Charitable. In knowing in your Awareness and Consciousness that Life is Active in ONE Motion that Life is based upon Terra within the Truth of Emerald is the Beginning of the Reality of Being Charitable and Merciful.
Giving Life the Ordered Light as it is done by Sun and Moon is giving Life a Boost and a Pulse of the Cosmic Heartbeat. Within the Pulse the Order of Cosmos is given. And within this Order you are Charitable as Human Being; as Human RACE. Awareness may Rise in the fact that Charitable Life is Natural Life, it is Life in which ALL will Rise, in which ALL Details will Blossom.
Being Merciful, Being Charitable is Living the Hope as it is given by the Aquarian Deity. And in this Hope Life is Eternal and therefore Life always gives of itself in the Eternal Motion of ALL Details United as ONE.
The Communion is Fact in Cosmic Heartbeat. The Communion is Fact in Emerald Design. So Live within Emerald, adjust the Heartbeat upon the Tone of Aquarius and upon the Rhythm of the Cosmic Heartbeat. Realise that ONE Way is Present in the Order of Cosmos that ONE Way is given in your Heart as Merciful Being.
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