Soon Month is over, focused on Truth and Reality of Cosmic Order. And soon Moon is Full in which Pure State of Aquarian Reign is Reflected, activating Cosmic Heartbeat in RACE. RACE Lives to Create, to form and to design. RACE is Present in Order of Cosmos, Present on Terra with Purpose and Destiny. Destined Creativity is Creativity to materialise Truth of LAW and to Activate Details in Allness.

Allness is Wholeness of Details in Righteous Perspective, Aligned with the Order of Sun and Moon, Order of Cosmos. Cosmic Heartbeat beats and Orders Life of Terra to Live in the Reign of Aquarius. All of Matter receives Pulse of Cosmic Heartbeat, Pulse in which Matter is Ordered to BE Aquarian form and Motion. Motion of Aquarius is Motion of the Eternal Way of Living that is Directed in Cosmos. Cosmos comes forth in Order, in Allness of Details of Stars. Stars are Active in Sun light and Active in NEW Way of Reign. Reigning Truth is Reigning ONE that comes in Emerald Tone on Terra and that gives All Space to make Life MORE. Space is Right to be Creative and Space is for All a given. NEW is Future and NEW is Aquarian Reflection in Moon, in Detailed form that is Straightness of LAW.
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