The Promise of Hope has been given for the Aquarian Age. And in this Promise is given the Reality of a New Creation, a Hopeful Creation, a Creation that IS the Portal of Eternity or that means it is Eternal Life.

In the Promise of the Aquarian Age is the Truth of Gold, the Truth of God’s Light. And in this Truth you as Human Beings, are able to form this Light, to Create with this Light and to make it the Living Reality of the Promise of the Aquarian Age. And thus you make it the Living Reality of Hope, of Eternity.
Forming the Eternal Body, forming an Eternal Creation, Eternal Life on planet Terra and Human RACE as ONE, is forming the Truth of the Clarity that is given in the Detailed Constellation of Aquarius. The Detailed Constellation is Clear. And in this Clarity you are able to Receive the New Light, to Receive the New Tone and to Receive the New Way of Living. It is Clearly given and because it is Clearly given you are able to Live this Clarity, to form within this Clarity and thus to form New.
Awakening in the Morning is Awakening in the Light of Sun and when you are sleeping in the Night, resting in the Night, integrating and contemplating, you receive the Light of Moon. You receive the Reflection of All the Details in the Aquarian Constellation. You receive the Reality of the Purity of All these Details. In the Truth of Constellation it is a Communion. And the Communion of Aquarius is given in the Reflection of Moon.
The Fullness of Moon is the Full Reflection of the Aquarian Tone, of the Aquarian Order and thus the Fullness of the Aquarian Promise. The Promise of Aquarius is given in the Reflection of this Moon, the Reflection that shows you God, the Reflection that makes God visible in ALL. ALL Details are in Light of God, ALL Details are in the Order of White Fire. ALL Details are Promised to be Manifest as Creation, as Eternity, as Eternal Form. Show thus the Promise that is given by God and show thus the Form of God as Detailed Form. Create this, Form this in the Ability of Human Being, the Ability of your Natural Reality of being Awake.
And when you Awake in the Morning and when you Integrate in the Night, you are Present within the Order of Sun and Moon. An Order in which your Body is Alive and Present, an Order in which your Body is the Creation of the Fullness of Reflection and the Fullness of Direction.
You are Human Being, you are Human RACE. You are Appointed to Form God in the Living Reality and the Living Tone of this Age; the Tone of Aquarius. Be therefore Full of Hope, Be therefore Full of Light within the Order of Aquarius, so Ordered it is and Promised it is. Therefore the Reality of this Promise and of this Order will be Formed in the coming of the Age, in the coming of the Age that is Future that is Now and that IS the Light of Sun and Moon.
Contemplate within the Night, Integrate within the Night and Be Awake within the Day, for in your Awakening is the New Form, in your Awakening is the New Way, in your Awakening is the Communion of Aquarius as Clear Form, Clear Creation, Clear Truth.
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Opportunity in Violet and Moon

Moon is in Fullness of Light in GOD. Reflecting the Clear Truth of Aquarius to be Equal, to be Free and to be Beautiful.In Beauty of Matter is the Freedom of Detail given, the Right to Live Active and Awake. Being Awake in the Sun its Direction and creating the Beauty of Life in Moon her Reflection, is realising the Violet aspect or shade of Aquarius. Violet is the True Opportunity, the Righteousness of Freedom in Creative Human Being.
Being Creative in the Order of All and in the Order of Cosmos, is Being Creative in Right. Righteous Creativity is Living the Free Reign of Aquarius and coming forth in the Tone that encourages All. In this Tone and Right is Opportunity, which is the aspect of Freedom Enlightened in this August Day, in the Fullness of Moon.
Because Moon is Full, Opportunity to Live and create the Aquarian Way is shown in the Clear Wish of the Heart or in the Clear Pulse of Cosmic Heartbeat. Activating Violet Right of Human RACE is Activating Consciousness and Awareness to see and understand that Opportunity is always a given in Ordered Truth.
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