In the Order of Life is Father and Mother, Creator and Creation, Alpha and Omega.

To Honour Father as the ONE Will and the ONE Way, I ascended by giving of myself to the Truth of Matter. In Being and Seeing the Immaculate Vision, I trusted this Vision into the hands of Father. Therefore it was given to Creation, which is created in the hands of Creator. So I ascended into Heaven by realising my Identity as Matter, in trusting it into the hands of Father. And so it is written that I was taken into Heaven. But, it was with the Purpose to make Earth Mother, to make Creation MORE. And so it happened.
Because the Immaculate Eye was banned from the planet, I gave Immaculate Vision to Terra. So the Eye could Awaken within the Immaculate Vision and could see the Immaculate View. Since I am born in the Line of Light of Mother and have chosen to serve her Right and Life, I gave to the Awakening and recovering of Mother, holding the Immaculate Vision for this as Future. Lemura has recovered and the Immaculate Eye can be restored, now with a Sight that sees HOPE and Truth. Restoring the Eye Immaculate is part of the Ascension of planet Terra. So she can be EARTH, a HOME and Throne for All.
The Pathway of Eternal Love is given in the Destiny of Terra. Walking this Path, manifesting this Path and Honouring this Path, is done in Light of Mother. Done in the Line of Light of Mother. Because Mother as Terra is Destined to BE Eternal Love, Expressing the I of Creator by Being Creation. And so we are back to the First Principle of Life, that there is Creator and Creation, Father and Mother, Alpha and Omega.
Let me be Mother in the Light that is Right and fulfil the Destined Way of Terra IN HOPE of the current Mother, the HOPE given as Blueprint for Ascending Life, Eternal Love. AL IS EL. All IS Light.
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