Blossoming NEW is visible in the Right Light and in the Activity of Design of Emerald.

NEW Blossoms IN Emerald, within Emerald base. Base is Activated in the Order LAW, commanding Truthful Human Expression and Promising Nature a Bright Future. Brightness of Future is fact in the Destiny of Moon, Reflecting Light of Sun Direction to Order Light and to make NEW Life as Reality. Realised NEW is visible as the Power of GOD in Human RACE and as the Light of GOD in Life, in Cosmos. Making Way in which Life is Ordered Reality of GOD and Expression of CORE, is making Pure form and Activating the Sight of Eye.
Eye that sees GOD, is Active. Eye that sees GOOD, is Active. An Active Eye can Awaken in the Reflection of Moon, Reflection that touches the Pure Gift of Detailed Human Being. Cosmic Heartbeat beats to open the Purity of Detailed Human Being. And Human Being Breathes to receive this and to Express Truth of Reflection as Life.
The Eye will Awaken in Reflection of NEW Life, Reflection of GOD. Therefore Life Blossoms as NEW and Pure form, as Active Truth in which Healing IS. When Healing IS, the Right of Detailed Service is the Peace on Earth and the Creative Peaceful Expression.
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