Moon Reflects to start the day in NEW Light of Sun, Present Direction in Aquarius. Reflection shows Direction in the Allness of Life, in the Reality of Being Human.

United with Light of Sun, you Breathe and talk. United with Light of Moon you walk and come forth in the given Truth of Wish. Realising Life in the ONE Way Active in GOD and in the Order of Cosmos, is realising the Bliss of Nature as Peaceful unfolding of Details. Flowers Blossom and Details unfold in the Light of Sun and Moon. The Peaceful interaction of Sun and Moon and other cosmic bodies, is the Peaceful Reality of Ordered Life made from Light in Motion.

Living the Motion, Honouring the Gift of this Motion, is Living the Right of Detailed interaction and Communion. Communing in Cosmos is Communing in the Brightness of Day, so all is seen and Present. Presence of Aquarius is in Reflection of Moon and Direction of Sun. Presence of the NEW Way that glorifies Life and Light, is Presence that Welcomes the forthcoming Truth in Reflection. May all Days be filled with Peaceful Right of Ordered Details to Exist and to unroll in the Lines of LAW. May All Details encounter Righteousness in the forthcoming Truth of ONE Way in every day.

Full Moon – Blossoming Tone
Full Moon of Blessed are the Peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.
Concentrate on the Light within. Concentrate on the Light within Core as is in Core of Terra. Focus your attention upon the Core of your Detail, upon the Core of this Planet and Realise within your Attention that both Sun and Moon give to this Core.
The Direction of Sun is given and the Reflection of Moon is given, All to Realise the Manifestation -a physical Manifestation- of the Core. It is the Core of your Detail, it is the Core of planet Terra. Manifesting this Core as Creation is Expanding the Order of Cosmos and in Order of Cosmos it is that Sun is Present and that Moon is Present. The Reflection of the Moon opens the New Details, opens the Reality of the Aquarian Age. Reflection of Moon invites All to Come and to Blossom. And this Blossoming is a Gift, it is a Gift to All, it is a Gift of ONE. And the Blossoming Truth of All the Details is in the Presence of Moon a fact.
So Reflection Invites and Welcomes All to Blossom, to give of Themselves in the Age of Aquarius, in the Way that is the Way of ONE Tone and ONE Direction.
Your Attention may be upon ONE, may be upon Core. Your Attention may be upon the Light, the Light of Sun, the Light of Moon, the Light of Terra her Core. So your Attention may be upon the Order of Cosmos.
Be Alive and Present within this Order. Be the Radiant Truth of your very own Detail. Be the Radiant Truth of the Order that is within. Because in you is Order, in Cosmos is Order. In planet Terra is Order.
We are born in the Order of the Age of Aquarius, Reflection of Moon gives us this Birth. Reflection of Moon gives us the Blossoming Details that invite New Details to come.
Be Present in this Day and Age. Be Present in the Heartbeat of Cosmic Order. Be Present to Radiate as Sun, to emanate and to be the Fullness of the Detail in Order, to be the Fullness of ONE Blossoming Tone.
Copyright: Ascending ALL

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