Honour the Right to Reflect and Direct, Honour the Right to Create in GOD's Will within Ordered Beginning of Life.

When Reflection is given to realise NEW, NEW IS what manifests as the Perfection of Geometry. Immaculate Vision comes to pass in Reflection, in the Unification of Directive and Reflective Right. Righteousness is in Gift of Reflection fact, fact as physical circumstances, physical creation. Righteousness is in Direction fact, fact in the Motion of Creation and in the everlasting Truth of Eternal Life. All Begins in Order, GOD Begins in Order. Human Being is GOD in Action, Human Being Begins in Order and Lives to manifest Order as LIFE.

ONE LIFE is the Right of creation to be Eternal, to be Perfect as the Order in Geometry translated. Geometry is an Ability or Power which is able to translate Order into a form. Geometry uses the Lines of Order to make form, Perfect form. The Ability to translate Order into formations, forms, is the Power of Geometry. This Power makes Immaculate Vision Living Reality. Reality of ONE Tone that Sounds Aquarian, Reality of ONE Way that Lives Eternal. The Ability to translate Order into form, is Geometry. The Ability to translate Order into Word, is Logos.

Every Detail is an Ability that Begins IN Order. Life starts IN Order, IN the Right to create Orderly as Human Being. Human RACE is GOD's RACE, the RACE that makes GOD MORE because Order of GOD is Honoured and Obeyed. This Order Lives as Sun and Moon, as the interaction and Communion of Sun and Moon. It is Right to Reflect and Direct that Lives Order and that makes Order LIFE.


In the Union of our Hearts, in the Union of Cosmos, we Celebrate, we have come together, to Celebrate Life in the Order of Aquarius, to Celebrate Life as it is foreseen in Cosmic Order.
Sun and Moon bring Light. Sun and Moon bring Right. Sun and Moon bring Order for Life on planet Terra. So Earth can become as Heaven or Heaven can be Earth. The Truth of Earth, the Truth of the Ascending Reality of Creation or of Matter is the Truth of Life in Eternity, on Ordered Life. And Ordered Life begins in Light of Sun and in Reflection of Moon.
Moon has the Right to Reflect. Moon has the Right to be full of Light and by this giving to Human RACE the Right to be Creative in Detailed Ability.
You are able to Create, you are God’s RACE in being Creative. You have formed this planet from the Beginning and so forward. You are forming this Creation by the Ability and by the Will to form with Light. Ordered Light is given to thee, Ordered Light in which our Hearts Commune, in which our Hearts are Unified.
When you come forth as Detailed Ability, you come forth in the Beginning, you come forth in Order. We begin Life in Order. We begin Life in the Truth or the Righteousness of being Willing to Honour Light, to choose Light, to focus upon Light and to be Devoted to Light. It is Light that is given by Sun and it is Light that is Reflected by Moon. 
By Unifying our Hearts and Celebrating the New Moon of this Day, we Unify the Light of Aquarius which means we Unify the Rays that are given in Creative Abilities. Unifying the Rays is Unifying the Light and therefore giving an Accumulation of Light in Right, in Order, to Human RACE. When Light in Order is given to Human RACE, it is LORD that is given to Human RACE. Giving LORD to RACE is giving the Beginning of Creation of planet Terra. It is giving the Will of Kumara’s to this planet and to Human RACE. By focussing the Will of Kumara’s in Human RACE it is Realised as the focus of Creativity, a focus that is upon the Light in Sun and it is upon the Light in Moon.
We Celebrate a New Beginning. We Celebrate Ordered Beginning. We Celebrate LORD within Human Being and thus we Celebrate Order.
Human Nature can Blossom in Order. Human Nature Blossoms because Life Begins in Order. We are Unified in our Hearts. We are Unified in our Voice. We are Unified in our Will, the Will to choose Light, the Will to choose Light in Order. So LORD is Present within Human RACE. LORD is Present upon Earth, Earth that will be Heaven and Heaven that will be Earth.
So come forth in the Detailed Ability of Being Human in your Natural Ability. Come forth in the Light of Sun and Moon because in this Light is Order, in this Light is LORD. In this Light is the Beginning of Life as it is in your Promise Active.
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