Precipitating the Light of the Immaculate Right of a Detail to Exist, to Breathe and to be form, is of the utmost importance in a time when the world seems dark. Although the outer circumstances and the physical form show pain and despair, the NEW Light is Present and surely given.

The precipitation of NEW is given in the mantra of the Aquarian Age and by the Presence of the Aquarian Ruler. The Right to Exist in Immaculate State, in Detailed Existence, is emphasised by the Power of LAW and the Willingness of Merlin to be a True Alchemist. Revealing the Path of HOPE is possible in the Will to create, in Free Will. Will that Honours All Life and Seals Life in the GRACE of Being Human, is Will in Freedom Expressed. The Will to create forms the Right of Existence and realises a Union with the Immaculate Light.

The consequence is Healing. Healing as a State, as a Reality of form. Creating IN Will of GRACE and precipitating the Immaculate Right of a Detail to Exist, is making Life in Sealed Truth. Therefore Healing is the Creation that is born. A Creation that IS as the Mantra of the Aquarian Age. IN Healing All is ONE and ONE IS All. Right of Light to Exist, Right of Light to be Precipitated, is emphasised by LAW of Aquarius when the LAW and Order emphasise the Aquarian Light and Reign. The Ruling of Aquarius, emphasises the Aquarian LAW in Action and makes Details in Action of the LAWgiving Right Active and Righteous. Details in Action of Governmental Right, are Details able to realise the Age of Aquarius, the Aquarian form.

September is the Month to realise NEW Light and to form NEW Light. Forming NEW Light is giving All in VOW a Way of HOPE and a Way of Beauty. The dark state of the world is only the shell of this world. Underneath is the NEW formed Right and Light of the current Reign and Right. Ruler of Aquarius is Active in form, Grateful for a Path of HOPE created in the Will of Human RACE. RACE is able to BE Full of Grace, to be Grateful in the precipitation of Right of Existence. Every NEW form, every Active Sealed form, is Authorised form and therefore Righteous. It does Right to the Detailed Creator and to the Path of HOPE in which Creator Lives.

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