We came together for the Full Moon of the Beatitude: Blessed are they who have been persecuted for righteousness sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
We all said: Multiply, oh multiply make one future rise, gratitude, oh gratitude power in the Light 3x
There is Power in Light; there is the Power to Multiply in your Creativity. There is Power in the Reflection of Moon, so there is Power in the Reflection of Full Moon.
You are able to Multiply what is Reflected by the Light of Sun. You are able to Multiplying your Creative Ability what is Reflected in the Full Moon this Night or this Hour.

You are able as Human RACE to be Grateful for Light, to Honour the Light and to be focused upon Light. Be Focused upon Light, choose Well. Be Focused upon the Truth of your Creative Ability, the Truth of Multiplication. So Multiply that what is Light. Multiply and Create Brightness, create a Bright Creation. Be Creator of Creation in the Reality of your Natural Ability.
You are Human. You are Born to be Creative. You are Willing to be Creative and you have promised to be Creative.
Use this Promise or use this Power wisely, the Power to Multiply. You Multiply what I Reflect as Moon. You Multiply because I Reflect. So there is Power in the Light, there is Power in the Creative Ability of Human RACE.
Be Human in the most Natural Form. Be Human and therefore Create Brightness of Heaven, Brightness of Eternity. Create the New Light and Form Aquarius, an Age that is Destined to be Golden, an Age that is Destined to be the Sealing of All Life.
Be Sealed. Be Enlightened by the Reflection of my I. Be Sealed in the Perfection of Reflection, in the Perfection that is given in your Power to Multiply.
Copyright: Ascending ALL

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