New moon 21.32
written 21.28

Reflection was given in several moons to come to the Ending of a Great Era. Reflection is Active in Moon to come, Moon to Shine in the Glory of Aquarian Reign. Welcome Father and his Reflection, to realise ONE Reign and ONE Act in Direction. Moon is Glorious in the Releasing of Father's Will, to unleash the Willingness in MALE to serve Life in Great Honour.

Moon of Father Reflects the Power of Father, which is always combined with Love. Father finds Right to bring forth Life and makes Life Great in Honour of GOD. Father is Present in the Light that fills Day and in the Reflection that fills Night. A Father that is Present, Consciously giving of itself, is Father in the Reality of Identity. Reflection of NEW Moon gives All the touch of Father's Identity in which every Detail is encouraged to grow. Every Detailed Flame in Human RACE is encouraged by Father' s Love to come forth in the Light and Right of Sun.

Moon Starts the Sealed Power of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. A Trinity that embraces the Right to be GRACE, to be GOD's RACE in Action. Which means to be GOD's RACE in Mother, Matter. Welcome Clear Moon Light, Welcome Right of Sun to be Reflected. And Welcome the Stars of Aquarius to Direct the Will of Father in the Love of Principles of Age.

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